3. 9. 2015
The refugee crisis has fully revealed malfunction of the European Union and in particular the fact that the EU is totally infiltrated by traitors who are in top positions in the various member states
The political party CESTA is to propose the following long-term and definitive solution to this crisis :
  1. Identification of all so-called refugees who illegally enter the EU from the date of 1 September 2014. Identification according to the country from which they came .
  2. Allocation of land/territory within the EU (one of the Greek islands) that would work as advancement for providing an emergency package for Greek economy) and/or territory that is not under permanent control of any state, or is disputed (Western Sahara).
  3. Establishment of training camp with a full infrastructure for all these refugees with a potential capacity of 1.5 million people. Camp will be under the control of NATO troops and run by its forces. Financed by the EU member states.
  4. Separation of the men on the one hand , and of women and children , on the other .
  5. Providing of military training for all men that will be subsequently sent to fight in their country of origin where is ongoing war or civil war as declared. Military operations will be financed and managed by the NATO military organization 
This solution is based on the assumption that everyone must be willing to fight alone for his freedom and when it really matters - to do something for his freedom. Then it's a solution. Help the EU and NATO is the aid that is truly effective and is also a permanent solution to this and potentially other crises. In this way, fought in the 2nd World War, European nations among the troops of the United Kingdom and the solution worked.